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To The Honorable Mr. Stephen Yagman

Salutations Mr. Yagman

Dueling Extreme Injustice and Corruption to Extinction.

This is an antediluvian tale about the powers that be, feeding the sadistic whims of the few against the powerless and indefensible. I beseech your acquiescence to assist in this matter.

[ Extreme Justice Attorney Steven Yagman ]

By Roberto Carbajal. 213-598- 6539

Kudos and Felicitations
Mr. Yagman

Dear Sir,

In the past I have written the A.C.L.U. and you in particular about the systematic oppression of non convicted sex offenders in your society.

Sir, I am the poster child for the victims of such institutionalized tyranny.
I Beg You To Help Me and Others in My Predicament. The Most Detested and Oppressed in Our Society.
I decided to create this web page in your honor in hopes you would peruse the web site listed and take note of the information, while considering whether this might be a viable concern worthy of your time.

In the interest of divulging all pertinent information I invite you to peruse my web sits at where this page is linked.

Mr. Yagman, I am a person who thinks it would be great if there came a time on Earth when no crimes against children, the elderly or the handicapped existed.

Sir, I know with the courageous assistance of a throng of warrior geniuses such as yourself this will happen.

(01) This is my situation. As I informed your Secretary, I have been before the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners on several occasions in the last decade, trying to pool an investigation involving the Internal Affairs Departments of Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Compton, and the City of Commerce with an eye toward correcting improprieties committed by their respective Police Departments, as well as the Fire and Paramedic's Departments in and around the City of Los Angeles. The later for engaging in a conspiracy with these and possibly other civilian and military agencies.

(02) I will be adding in specifics to this blog as computer time allows but I shall try to communicate a very brief history here.

(03) I was arrested two decade's ago for an alleged sex crime which resulted in the charge being dropped.

(04) I never went before a Judge on this matter and there does not seem to be a record of that charge in my file ( I have my rap sheet available for verification ) yet when I have gone to jail for various trumped up charges, the guards invariably take the representatives out of the cell and tell every one I am a sex offender.

(05) On one occasion, this got me cut up with a contaminated razor blade and "gassed" with feces and urinal matter.

(06) To attest to this is a Jack "Snoopy" Hellwig from Norwalk and Santos "Juarez" Garcia from L.A. who were the "White" and "Pisano" representatives at one cell block I was housed in.

(07) I have also been shot at, and I have actually been hit and shot through the chest with a with 12 Gage dumb dumb round. In route to the hospital, a team of Citizen Watch Groups calling themselves "Mother's Inc." and "Mothers Against America" managed to block and delay the ambulance from getting me and my wife to the Martin Luther King Hospital. My witness is my Ex-Wife Karen M. Mooring.

(08) In Santa Monica, I was pummeled nearly to death with a baseball bat by a member of one of these groups. This was with police assistance from Santa Monica P.D. No one was arrested even thou they knew the perp's name. It took me a year just to get them to interview the perpetrator.

(09) I have also been stabbed with a stiletto knife to my chest which almost resulted in my death. Again by a Mother's organization member. While being attended to at the Phoenix Hospital in Arizona I was subjected to another stabbing and torturous treatment by the attending physicians who had been advised a sex offender was in route by the local Citizen's Watch group.

(10) I was almost murdered in Westwood by someone who had intentionally removed the cable clamps off the safety cables I was working off of. A Homicide Detective investigated but refused to intervene in this government assisted attempted murder asking instead "why did they try to kill you", in an obviously knowingly tone. He knew damn well why, and his manner intentionally projected this. The apprentice who did this is now a Business Agent for the Iron workers in San Bernardino.

(11) No policeman has ever investigated the attempts on my life. No one calls or visits me in the hospitals I'm being treated at to ask what happened.

(12) No victim's assistance person has ever compensated me for all the times I have been without work due to violence.

(13) Los Angeles. On Nov. the 23rd of 2002 ( mix up in year ) I put in a call to 911 in search of Police assistance due to being assaulted by my hotel manager. I was the one arrested. And at a trial held against me, my hotel manager John Rogaz ( Ross Hotel ) testified that he was one of the persons who called 911 at the "time" of an alleged battery on his person. He had been working closely with the Fire Department and the watch group in our area and a female LAPD Detective named "Anna".

(14) My neighbor Peggy ( now deceased as of 11- 27-'04 ) also call 911 paramedics. They were present when I came out of my room.

(15) My phone had been blocked from calling 911 by persons unknown so I had to call the operator to connect me.

(16) I was arrested within 4 minutes of my call but there is no record of ANY 911 calls being made from 640 south San Julian st. to 911 on that day!

(17) An officer from the infamous Crash Unit responded with gun in hand according to George ( last name not available. He was a witness at my trial ). I saw an officer pull a park and run up to the hotel but other parked cars obstructed my view and I did not see the gun. He did what we call a "jump out". At that point I exited the building and was accosted by 'some' Officer ( who did not look like Malick ) who was told by a Fire Captain that I was "interfering".

(18) Malick ( or, the perjurer as I have called him to his face twice. He doesn't seem to mind ) testified that he just happened to be there checking out the people across the street and was called over by one of the paramedics. The truth is that many police cars responded in what, I believe, must have been a planned wild fire type event. They responded within seconds of each other. This isn't Santa Monica you know!

(19) Sir, nothing could be further from the truth about what they said happened that fateful day. This was an absolute fabrication on the part of the Firemen and a surveillance video in the hotel hallway would have exonerated me. I tried to subpoena the tape but the manager testified that he did not see ANYTHING that would the aid police so he destroyed it.

(20) Prior to this the hotel had been ordered to keep all surveillance tapes for the police per City Hall Councilmen orders at a Nuisance Abatement Hearing.

(21) The Witnesses ( even the ones that WEREN'T there ) all claim I was arrested at 8:30 P.M. and it was dark out and street lights were on. Malick and the paramedic testified they used their head lights to drive to the location. But it was broad day light and closer to 3:00 P.M.! This can be easily proven. There were over two thousand Witnesses. I was taken to an infirmary which listed the correct time of day!

(22) The problem for me was that the court appointed private investigator ( Cheryl Dorsey ) never bothered to come back with the evidence nor even a single witness.

(23) I believe this incident was an organized attempt on my life, planned and orchestrated in conjunction with a women's group in the area which targets sex offenders, "The Friends of Captain Smith", and the Downtown Women's Group which operates out of the LACAN office. City Councilwoman Jan Perry and a Threat Management Detective named Avery, working with the L.A.P.D. have also been heavily involved along with the official "Town Crier" Don Garza. Avery told me J.Perry had "called everybody but the mayor's office" on me. He seemed to think that was amusing.

(24) I believe the political forces that be, in concert with political organizers like LACAN ( Los Angeles Community Action Network 213-228-0024 ) and UCEPP ( 213-622-1621 ) ) have me targeted for harassment, beatings and possibly an untimely death at the hands and guns of the Special Investigative Section of the L.A.P.D., the dreaded S.I.S.

(25) In the book and in the movie "Extreme Justice" you referred to them as a "Death Squad". Your a brave man. The bravest in my book.

(26) The names of the officers involved are as follows : Arresting officer is Malick.

(27) The person who's name appears on the unsigned M 659 Rev. 1/93 Probable Cause Determination Form is J c M Employee # 34652 --- arrest file number 02-01 01988 booking # 7492272 location booked : J/D ---time of arrest 11-23-'02. ( year might of been '02 or '01 ) /2020. ( that's 8:20 P.M.! It was in DAY TIME!

(28) Their star witness, "Mary" was not there! They said I attacked her. She's not even a real woman!

(29) DR NO. 0201 01988 medical treatment at Jail Dispensary for OC to face. Doctor Partida.

(30) Carbajal was placed in Unit # 1A85 ( Officers Guerra and Hankins ) transported.

(31) Paramedics involved : Houle # RH8163 and Gasbarri # HG1415

(32) Wit-3 Estrada, Mary. "Mary" was not there but I believe this person is a professional witness perjurer from Santa Monica who followed me from there and took residence at the hotel.

(33) Carbajal was booked at county jail on the approval of Central Area's W/C Sgt. II Nunez # 24150 ( An Officer I had tried to enlist in order to form a building watch at the hotel ).

(34) I also have tried to restart the Guardian Angels in L.A. I am am ex Guardian Angels Crime Fighter from Arizona.

(35) Internal Affairs CF # 03- 1522

(36) Los Angeles Police Commission Management Analyst II Rene Gardea ( 213 ) 202-5866 Jan Kuris Doherty Inspector Generals Office. I spoke to him 12-6-2006 after I delivered several documents like the ones attached here. I also faxed the State Attorney General and hand delivered a copy to Fire Chief Berry's Office.

(36B) The person handling my current case against Captain Smith at this office is case analyst Sarah Richardson. I have asked her and Mr. Jeremiah Williams to reopen my prior case but they have ignored me on this.

(37) Supposed to have investigated this was Sergeant Bascom 213-473-4555. He determined "the officer was not rude to me" and refused to investigate my contention of a vast time discrepancy based on perjured testimony by all involved.

(38) The testimony of one witness motivated the Judge to ask "Could Mr. Carbajal been arrested twice that day"? The answer from George was "a double take? Naw. He was just arrested that afternoon".

(39) In the non incorporated areas Sergeant Sutton was supposed to have investigated other beatings and illegal surveillance at the Hotel next to the Norms in the City of Commerce ( next to Inter State 5 ). The Norms is where even the staff did surveillance on me. This Detective's number was 323-890-5300.

(40) This city had one of it's city workers lie in wait and attack me with a hammer when I exited the hotel. He had a co-worker with him. He dropped his hammer and I picked it up and handed it back to him and told him "now get out of my face". The Mexican agreed and I turned around and gave this coward my back.

(41) Mr. Frontera, the owner of the Frontier Hotel has also been heavily involved. I was named "Richard" on there roster. They would not put my real name on it! Richard is the name that keeps cropping up when these people get the community involved in this highly Un-American act. Martin Luther King Hospital had me checked out on a bench warrant under the name Roberto but the policeman put Richard on my booking band. It is now used as one of my alias. Another sex offender ( one that was registered ) complained about a similar "mix up" by the El Paso Police Department. A company called Plastel also payed me with a check that read Richard on it and so it was when I worked at the Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. For years the conspiracy calls me that. I don't know if it is meant to mean "Dick" as a malicious joke, or it is used to compare me with Richard Ramirez who is also from El Paso.

(42) Sergeant Herman took a report at Santa Monica P.D. and said Detective Sergeant Keane would contact me. The number is 310-434-2602. LT. Windel (Sp?) Shirley was also supposed to assist and initiate an investigation. This never happened.

(43) I have a witness in Texas who called S.M.P.D. long distance and was surprised when he realized the first person who answered the S.M.P.D. phone knew me by name. He told Alex they [SMPD] weren't harassing me. The witness name is Alex Rodriguez. He worked for a Texas House of Representatives named Norma Chavez ( who I foolishly campaigned for ) 512-463-0622.

(44) Alex would often repeat that "they knew your name" with a controlled amazement. He contacted Detective Tom Tanner and Cc-ed the 1999 Chief of Santa Monica Police, James T. Butts but I never got a response from them, his replacement ( Michael Hutson who's based in Austin ) just told me on the 11Th of Nov. '06 that they have a record of the this information in their files.

(45) I asked them to reopen my case.

(46) The one who allowed my assailant of a near death base ball bat beating was an associate of Tanner. I have to retrieve my records but I did give his name and the case number to Sergeant Herman at the time.

(47) The jail where I was cut up with a razor blade was the Downtown Central Men's Jail.

(48) I was in a one man cell when the lights were turned down and the cell door opened for my assailant to come in. He was rewarded with Hallway privileges. This also allowed him to "gas" me or rather, contaminate my body with waste matter he had collected from all the other cellies.

(49) I gave reports to several people about a conspiracy to cause great bodily harm on me at the hands of Officer Serda (Sp?) who has a cobra tattoo on his left arm. He and others ( who I must identify by photo ) were reported to long before the assaults on me took place.

(50) I heard Serda tell two other guards I was a child molester. He yelled this to me in the Pro Per hallway so that everyone could hear.

(51) Another one who did like wise, was a female officer named Miller ( At least her jacket read Miller. She was Hispanic ).

(52) Also a Filipino nurse named Faw (Sp?) said "he's a child molester" right in my face to a white officer who was to transport me to USC Medical Center.

(53) A Sergeant Duff or Duffy ( White male ) also said the same thing to a nurse at the infirmary.

(54) The biggest Black guard in the Men's Central Jail at the time, told a white guard "you see a 2412 walking by you" as I passed him. This is supposed to be code for child molester. I have heard the term used three times. Once while I was in "The Hole" I heard another inmate utter the code but had the American know how and class to follow this number with the words "but you know out here we ain't got access to no paper work". Essentially giving me the benefit of the doubt as indeed proscribed by my inalienable Human Rights. What you know about that. A criminal with more class that one of these group members and cops.

(55) The person I spoke to immediately, upon my being released and leaving jail was Sergeant Gautt at 800-698-8255.

(56) I made several reports including one to Officer Molina. Molina had previously paraded a Chicano youth who was an infamous child killer at the time, in front of me. He was physically abusing him while in handcuffs.

(57) I also made a taped recorded interview with an officer who seemed more interested in audio documenting the scares on my body. I felt it was for identification purposes. This officer had pictures of cartoon pigs with horns in uniform on his office wall.

(58) As for a tape recorded depositions on the Firemen and Paramedics who made false police reports on me, even about the time of the "occurrence", I have made several attempts to get a case # from Capt. Olgin and Chief Nymi who worked with the Fire Department.

(59) Reports were also made to the Captain at the Skid Row Station as per their instruction at 213-485-6271.

(60) A Detective Wong was also reported to Sergeant Sutton as having been attempting to bribe people to investigate me and video tape me at my home on San Julian St. I still know where to locate a witness to this. I spoke to this Detective's boss but nothing came about.

(61) In Santa Monica, I reported Park Ranger Alvarez to Sergeant Herman as having in depth knowledge and a suspicious relationship to groups at the 16Th and Olympic Park who I over heard speak of targeting homeless people for beatings. I heard them talking about it at the park. They were playing base ball and seemed to be a very tight nit group.

(62) These people had one of their members pummel me to with in an inch of my life with a base ball bat. I suffered a broken arm. You should see the crime photos. I had football size bruises and welts every where. It took almost a half an hour for the police to arrive. You are from the area and you know how quick S.M.P.D. respond. The operator kept saying "sir, are you where they can see you". I was crying and in shear pain and in fear for my life, of course I was where the police could see me.

(63) The group would also practice with sticks similar to samurai swords at the Olympic Park. Other groups that went there to have meetings would say my name. Sort of to tip there hat. They call what they do "Carbajal Watch".

(64) I believe a friend of mine who worked at that park was murdered by a female Detective who stood there watching as he went into cardiac arrest. I believe an electronic device was used on him. I know that sound crazy but I was there. I passed by them to go into the showers minutes before it happened. When I went in, the Detective and two Park Rangers were talking to him and he was siting in his car with a wet towel on his head in obvious distress.

(65) His co-workers had all been summoned away and he was there by himself.

(66) Minutes before this I heard him yell at his black co-worker as he drove out of the parking lot "I got to go to the hospital"( the co-worker was was suing Willie ). I asked Willie if he was alright but he didn't answer. He had a strange look on his face. I woefully regret not having investigated further to this day

(67) We were getting conflicting stories about what happened and I and a girl friend of his ( Willie ) questioned a tall black Park Ranger who was present along with another Park Ranger that day ( I don't know his name but he is reputed to be related to a famous basket ball player). This Ranger got really nervous and Willie's lady and I just looked at each other questionably. Later we spoke of our suspicions. He was like a father to me. He had a fat black under cover female on him at that park. She would write on her car wind shield as if she was being investigated. She was just playing the nut role to gain access to Willie's emotion's. I can tell why I think it happened but to protect his memory I must tell you in person. It also has to do with a alleged sex crime. I relayed the story to a white male Detective soon after. I was in jail because they claimed they thought I was some thug named "Indio". This Detective was telling me I was being released because they found out there was a mistaken identity. He wore a mustache and glasses. He was one foot from me on the other side of the cell bars. He tripped when I told him this and I could immediately smell him after he realized I knew and was more that willing to accuse them to their face. He was shaken. He immediately turned and briskly walked away and said "well tell me if you have any information" and I replied "I just did, I just told you about a murder".

(68) This brown haired Detective girl was also there when my road dog, Bobby Burns went into a seizure. She then went to the hospital he was taken too. Again I was in the shower when it happened. Saint Francis Medical Center "treated" Bobby once. They shocked him with electricity for no reason at all. He had burn marks on his chest. I saw the people who did it. He wasn't having a heart attack but they told me to leave.

(69) In Compton. My Mormon friend, Jessy Lopez suffered an "accidental" drowning. His family lives across the street from the "Mothers Inc." gang. He was like a brother to me. Tony Wallace, one of my best friends also died mysteriously at M.L.K. Hospital. I have no friends left. Anyone who befriends me suffers.

(70) Other perps calling themselves "Mothers Inc." started a organization with the sign "Mothers Inc." in the yard over at the old majors residence on Peck street between Long Beach Bl. and Van Ness.

(71) They also put an add in the paper under "Mothers and Others".

(72) One News Years Eve they had me pummeled and arrested. The people who beat me up were not arrested!

(73) Mothers Inc. went around telling anybody who would listen that I was a dangerous sex offender and they followed me everywhere. This group also arranged for my neighbor to shoot me in the back with a 12 Gage slug.

(74) My neighbor, Mrs. Clark and my ex-friend's Mother, Mrs. Compton, were neighbors on Peck. Mrs. Compton lived at 931 Peck st. Harold Ray Compton, her son, and his siblings knows who these people are. So do all his neighbors. His number is 310-608-0821.

(75) Mrs. Clark also knew the people who had me shot by Clevel Mc Cloud and then tried to block the ambulance from getting to the hospital.

(76) She ( Mrs. Clark ) had a black man living with her who was associated with this group.

(77) My room mate at the time, Robert Greer, became convinced of the surveillance on me when he noticed that every time I got up at night to use the rest room, the police helicopter hovered over our house. Other neighbors claimed that police cars always posted up around the block and behind my residence.

(78) The local elementary school passed out pictures of me with my address.

(79) One day over 20 policemen went to my residence on Peck St next to the Compton's at 931 Peck. They managed to get on the roof of the apartment and surround the unit. I was the only resident of this complex which was under construction at the time. I was at work that day. They never came back. I called them but they refused to explain why they had been there. The residence was new and no one had lived there before me.

(80) The Filipinos family who built this apartment building worked with my surveillance crew there. They put me though many "digital operations", or "psyops". They continue Black Ops on me at the car wash to this day.

(81) The same tactic of a police raid was used at the spot I lived in called "The Crown Car Wash" ( I now live there again on and off. See StephenYagman yahoo group for up dates ). The owner was instructed to call these organizations every time they spotted me. I heard the owner lady say as much to her black lady employee at the time.

(82) An armed white policeman did surveillance on me from the roof top behind the car wash. I was introduced to him by Bobby one night. He just stared at me with a stupid look on his face.

(83) The Neighborhood City Council in the area near Pico and Beverly Glen ( next to FOX Studios ), has me on it's black list. They have done to many things to mention here now.

(84) At my parents residence, in El Paso Texas, the police did the same. Terrifying my Mom and Dad! Gang of F'ing cowards!

(85) The other group calls itself "Mothers Against America" and they kept my ex-girl friend, Barbra Weaver, at the now defunct, Silver Bran Women's Jail in L.A. to try to make her say something about me. "Make it up" they told her.

(86) Santa Monica City Hall Officials were calling each other back and forth because she was being held after the judge had released her. Illegally. This according to a black man who worked as a City Clerk at Santa Monica City Hall.

(87) A lady at the C.P.S. in Westwood, Ms. Sharp, told my ex, Barbara Weaver, that I was a serial Rapist and Pedophile. She also wrote a court report to that effect. Barbra then lost her kids. I have these court documents.

(88) They also told this to my daughter, Alicia Carbajal, and her Mom Delia Munoz. Call me and I will give you her number. All Delia's children were taken away because of these lies.

(89) Some of the cars that followed us had the word "Mom" incorporated into their license plate's.

(90) At my Union Hall ( Ironworkers local 433 ) I am ostracized buy these groups who have organized and trained my union 'brothers", ( like Carl Johnson ) to attack anyone who befriends me, with stares and threats of violence. Some are physically man handled by them away from me if they are speaking to me. The Secretary, Monica, called me a pervert last month for no reason. She is one of the perpetrators of the extreme injustice leveled against me. ( Today the 26Th 0f December 2006 they had one guy verbally abuse me. Monica popped her silly mug out the door with glee. Yesterday another at the New Image Cold Weather Shelter )

(91) The secretaries call the jobs I get to get me fired. Monica once called the then Business Manager, Jim Gardner, of the local and he came over with Fred Visnicky and a big black dude to call me out. I was struck once by Fred Visniky (Sp?). After wards the girls celebrated with tea and cake.

(92) I was physically prevented by then Business Manager, Mr. Holt's from calling the police on them.

(93) Fred Visniky said I had threatened his daughter in order to cover their assault.

(94) Fred yelled he had a base ball bat with my name on it as he drove away.

(95) Fred's wife is a "Mothers Organization" member. That's how they met. These groups use sex to coerce ignorant weak minded men to commit violence for them.

(96) Tom Moxley and his co- conspirator "Dan" are just a couple of the Business Agents and hands who have formed the conspiracy to ostracize me from the Ironworkers. In the past he put a karate expert to jump me. "Bolt Pin" they call him. Dan works very closely with the Fire Department. He was recruited on a job site we worked at. A Rail Road bridge in Commerce. People I work with are always recruited.

(97) I reported them to the N.B.L.R. but instead the N.B.L.R. had one of it's employees, a black lady following me around. It's a trip I know, but believe me now or believe me later.

(98) I am not mentioning Arizona here but L.O.C.K. Lock out Child Crime works with the neighborhood where the Union Hall was in the City of Commence. Tony the home owner who owns the house next to the old Ironworker's parking lot, works with these people who have tortured me extensively! The Rail Road hands that worked behind the Ironworkers Hall have also contributed their share of totalitarian intolerance.

(99) Our Neighborhood Council in L.A. and Jan Perry our City Council-Women, with perjured testimony by the "Town Crier" ( more like Town Liar ), Don Garza got me locked up, evicted from my residence and banned from City Hall for three years. Nice country.

(100) Sunday, August 2003

(101) The Los Angeles ACLU continues to deny any assistance, I am totally on my own.

(102) Complained to Angie Cedillo, a Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, Constituent Services Rep. 213-978-0721. The mayor's office refused to help.

(103) Most of the proceeding letter was hand delivered to the L.A. City Council the last week of Oct 2005. I also spoke before them on the matter. I also mentioned the web sites for 212-714-7061 and Sosen yahoo groups. Plus

(104) This web site will be continuously updated.

(105) Nov. 6Th 2005 They changed my library card number and I feared a frame up at the Los Angeles library. Linda Moussa, Department Manager (213) 228-7401. Linda can attest to all the years I have been complaining of the groups that follow me here to the L.A. library and how my written grievances are always ignored. She her self hand carries them to her boss.

(106)'s, Carolyn Cole at (213) 228-7403. I believe she was involved in this conspiracy with a white man and a teenager who where speaking to her just before I wrote up a report on the library card matter. Her Department is History and Genealogy. They also have a task force monitoring my computer as write then put someone on after me to down load or alter information.

(107) They SHAMELESSLY use decoys to try to set me up and gage reactions.

(108) The L.A. Law Library does the same.

(109) I am listed with the probation office as being on probation and having an outstanding dept of 4000 dollars. This is also totally erroneous Sir.

(110) Selective Prosecution and Maleficence by Prosecutor's Office and Travis Austin.

(111) This is the person they have used twice to frame me.

(112) This person told me face to face at a hearing in which I was acting as my own attorney that "their telling [ the firemen, paramedics and other witnesses ] to many conflicting stories" and that "if they [ the operators 911 station ] come back saying that you called 911 I'm gonna drop the case".

(113) As I stated earlier, no record was provided.

(114) On one occasion, when my crazy ex-mason neighbor was hitting my door with a cane, I called 911. Their was a male that answered. I told him to listen there's someone hitting my door. You could hear him outside screaming epitaphs. During this attack, a woman came on the phone and stammeringly said "Oh!" Then some other words I did not get because I held the phone to the door for just a couple of seconds so he could hear the hitting and also so I could have it on tape. When I asked "did you hear it" the operator had hung up. I had been complaining about my phone being tapped to the local phone company. As it was, it took a month to install my phone! They claimed all sorts of excuses for not installing it. My Internet provider, Web TV and the Yahoo company as well as and, have been involved to no small degree. The place where I make copies, the Work/Source at 315 9Th st. in Los Angeles has an office that monitors my writing and changes and erases pertinent information to the point that I have re-written this page more than thirty times in two days.

(115) I have rewritten and copied this text over and over again. I am omitting the latter occurrences because no matter how I try, the text is ultimately altered and the prosecutors name removed.

(116) Let me reiterate, just in case it happens again. Travis Austin, had me re-sentence! He claimed he could not understand the sentencing and at the second sentencing hearing got me six months in jail. The first sentencing was time served. The Public Defenders Office can collaborate this.

(117) I have left out so much. Like the prosecutor in Phoenix who, I was later told by one juror, had [ the prosecutor did ] go into the the room while they were deliberating! That he said I had a similar case pending. The Judge had disallowed him from mentioning this other pending case in court. The lawyer on my case ( my lawyer ) told the jury not to believe Mr. Carbajal. The whole jury and I peeled our eyes in amazement at this statement made during closing statements! The lawyers name was Clark. He had a reputation for burning his clients. I saw him burn one guy on Court T.V.

(118) Please allow me to convey this nightmare of a life to you in Person. Please, please, take my case, I beseech you!

(119) I have twenty thousand dollars available as a retainer. I would like you to give me the name of a private investigator worthy of your trust with the courage and ethics to investigate a conspiracy upon me which involves an incredible number of entities including the 9Th Circuit Court for some reason. I was told this by an under cover agent in jail.

(120) I will have to speak to you in person to convey the abuse and humiliation at the colleges I have worked at. One was University of California Los Angeles ( UCLA ). If you investigate UCLA, it will not take long to find they have an extensive file on me. I have worked there several times. The University of Southern California ( USC ) also carries a file on me. One day they had my boss put me on the Gayland Center roof doing absolutely nothing in order that a police helicopter which kept circling take photos of me. He threatened to fire me if I came down. At UCLA the business agent at our union is Rob Hunter. He also could tell you who the conspirators are there. At Riverside College they worked with Tom Moxley.

(121) I did not write down the attempted murder on my person by policemen in Phoenix Arizona who tried to hire a "Cholo" to shoot me in back of a police car I just happened to be pig tied in or the torture at the Motel 6 one hellified night of terror. The terrorism in Chandler Arizona. The attempted set up at a rest stop on the I 10 Freeway. The Military Jet Airplane swooping right down over my truck as I crossed New Mexico, or the tracer bullets fired at night across my windshield.

(122) All the places I frequent are locations where employees have been trained to harass and humiliate me. The Food4Less near downtown, the restaurants like the Carl's Junior on Broadway and 7Th st. downtown. The security's name there is Brown. Any Private Investigator could ascertain this information in no time.

(123) I will put more locations at the end of the web and keepyou apprised on the yahoo group This posted 12/23/'06.

(123B) The truth comes out. The writer for the following newspaper can attest to the gutless character of Don Garza. This newspapers owner's name is unknown to me as it has been so long since I've spoken to him. But he knows me. If he's honest he will tell you my horror story. He knows me and "Donny". P.S. I just learned that Donny has been reported as having admitted to his perjury and he said that it was Jan Perry who made him do it. I will be posting the very well known person who told me this. He is with LACAN and his name is Bilal Ali, Organizer. He also states Garza tried to get him to perjure himself against me also. I have the court transcripts of the protective order hearing. Maybe we can learn who ordered the transcript of my cross examination on Don Garza altered. The transcripts omitted the line of questioning about his mental state. I asked him several times about his mental condition. I asked all the witnesses this question. Only my questions and his perjured denial of not having a diagnosed mental problem and collecting social security for it was omitted. He was crying and speaking about how I had told him perjury was punishable by 3 years in prison. But when I asked about him getting a "crazy" check every month he staunchly denied it. Jan Perry and the Goldberg lady and a black gentleman were there and they knew he got a crazy check. They had already anticipated my question and told him to denied it. Why would I ask them about this issue ( a diagnosed mental condition ) and not the one who is on the stand tripping. The Los Angeles Garment & Citizen 117 W. 9th Street, Suite 410-411 Los Angeles, CA. 90015 Phone: 213-892-9983 Email: A publication of New City Media Inc.

(124) Hospitals in particular are places where my surveillance team causes the most harm. I am denied treatment and even my family suffered. My Dad died from cancer. You can bet each of his three Doctors let it happen. He did not even know he had it until six months before he died. My mother had a surgeon tortured her by incorrectly treating her eye. A private investigator could find out if the people there were told that their patients were the parents of a sex offender. My Dad's doctor was Dr. Foot in El Paso Texas.

(125) I reiterate, PLEASE help me and others in my predicament seek Justice. I would like to have a case developed to obtain case action status.

(126) Roberto Carbajal. SS# 449-11-7551 D.O.B. Born in El Paso Texas November 5 1958. California D.M.V. # N8651394 Mailing Address Ironworkers Union Hall 17495 Hurley St. La Puente Ca.

(127) The StephenYagman group on yahoo will keep you apprised of where I work or live at any time. It will be posted under the search term "where I am" then put in a date. write it like this: 12/23/'06

(128) To the King Hercules of Civil Rights, Thank You! To the King Kong of Police Misconduct Litigation, I STAND READY TO SERVE YOU IN ANY CAPACITY SIR, whether you help me or not.

(129) More at:






(134) Places where even an idiot would be aware of a surveillance team.
(135) Business Name: R Ranch Market 11 (626) 913-3637, 17305 Valley Bl. La Puente, CA
(136) Mrs. Puckett does illegal surveillance on me along with a gang of perpetrators at the library. Security at
(136) The EED or employment office had a memo stating that this group be contacted when ever I filed a claim.

(137) They Lie In Wait to Deceive "That we henceforth be no more children tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the sleight of men and cunning craftiness whereby they lie in wait to deceive." (Ephesians 4:14)

(138) And the guard said to Jesus if you are so good at prophesying, tell me, who slapped you.

(139) (140) (141) (142) (143) (144) (145) (146)